Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Projects I want to do! XD

1. Twist top dress out of the purple jersey I have.. (and maybe bleach it or something as well)
2. Make a dress form.. (I am not sure yet how I want to do that :P)
3. Spray a cassete shaped stencil on a t-shirt.
4. Make semi-fitted jacket with an asymmetrical zipper.
5. Make knitted halter top out of old Tshirt-yarn.
6. Fix olive miniskirt so I can wear it :P
7. Finish blue jeans.
8. Finish knitted black-white-purple mittens.
9. Try printing on fabric.. little lobsters on grey fabric.
10. Make papier mache animal mask.
11. Cut a shape out of fabric and sew a different colour underneath.
12. Make a bikini.
13. Make the vest.
14. Make corset form Threadbanger.
15. Make a dress with fitted bodice.
16. Find some cheap source for fabric :P
17. Find money and time for all those things^ :P:P:P

That's it until now..................... :P I want to see how many of these things I will have done until next month :P

Thursday, January 1, 2009

My Dress in a Fashion Show???

Burdastyle asked me to send them this dress I made for a fashion show they are holding to celebrate their third anniversary! They said it's going to be with 30 user creations that were good examples of altering the Burdastyle Patterns. I am very excited! It is going to be held at the Modern Art Museum in Munich on January 25-27th.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


I am now making some jeans drafted from the instructions on Weekend Designer, a great blog with tons of cool designs! I'll post when I'm finished!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Danish Book Came!

I am very excited! I wrote in a previous post that I had ordered them and so on but I thought I would just write that it looks great and very helpful and with tons of audio!

Danish here I come!

Friday, September 12, 2008

This is Charlie the unicorn! It's really funny.. :D You have to see the first one till the end! :D

Thursday, September 11, 2008


My mother is from Denmark. I never really learned Danish though, I can only understand. But I don't really speak at all... So I thought I would try learning. My mother has always been very bad at teaching me (mainly because I think she doesn't feel like keeping it up) so I thought I would get a book. I told my friend Elina about it who is very into learning new languages and so we decided on this book and then we'll both learn so we can use it as a secret language at school! Hehehe... :D So we will see how it works out...

Talking about school, it was our first day today! It was great to see everyone again although we didn't really do anything. It was just the day of the "Agiasmos" which means.. blessing (?) I think. Basically a priest comes and he has a little bunch of basil, a cross and a little bowl of water. He blesses the water. Then we all line up and he wets our heads one by one with the basil, one by one, dipping it in the bowl of blessed water. Oh and we have to kiss the little cross too.

Anyway so we are getting our books tomorrow and we are having 4 hours (actually 4 45-minute lessons) ! I am very excited! :D

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Photoshoppp! :D

I thought I would post some of my photoshop doodles... I find it quite fun to do these! :D:D:D
The pictures are in chronological order from the oldest to the newest so you can see the improvement! :P

(Click to enlarge)