Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Projects I want to do! XD

1. Twist top dress out of the purple jersey I have.. (and maybe bleach it or something as well)
2. Make a dress form.. (I am not sure yet how I want to do that :P)
3. Spray a cassete shaped stencil on a t-shirt.
4. Make semi-fitted jacket with an asymmetrical zipper.
5. Make knitted halter top out of old Tshirt-yarn.
6. Fix olive miniskirt so I can wear it :P
7. Finish blue jeans.
8. Finish knitted black-white-purple mittens.
9. Try printing on fabric.. little lobsters on grey fabric.
10. Make papier mache animal mask.
11. Cut a shape out of fabric and sew a different colour underneath.
12. Make a bikini.
13. Make the vest.
14. Make corset form Threadbanger.
15. Make a dress with fitted bodice.
16. Find some cheap source for fabric :P
17. Find money and time for all those things^ :P:P:P

That's it until now..................... :P I want to see how many of these things I will have done until next month :P

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